Solar Cover Reels for Above Ground Pool Solar Covers

Solar Cover Reels for Above Ground Pool Solar Covers

Solar Reels and Solar Saddles for your Solar Cover

Solar Pool Covers offer many benefits for you and your pool -- they are inexpensive, keep your pool water warm throughout the season, and make it possible to enjoy comfortable pool temperatures for weeks beyond the end of summer. Removing and folding up your solar pool cover before each use, though, is definitely at two person job, and it can be an awkward, sloppy experience.

With a Solar Pool Cover Reel you can take the fuss out of using your solar pool cover. These single-person deluxe reels feature a needle-bearing race at both ends for effortless removal of your solar cover. The unique "lift-off and swing" optional feature allows the solar pool cover reel to be pivoted out of the way by one person. The reels are anchored by rugged mounting brackets that are permanently installed on your pool's top rail (rail must be at least 6 inches wide). The mounting brackets allow you to remove your reel in the fall and install your winter cover without obstruction. The hand cranks and bases are constructed of durable non-corroding polymer material that will last and last.

Our solar pool cover reels will fit either oval or round pools and they come complete with solar blanket attachment hardware and installation instructions. Some assembly is required. We offer solar reels that will accommodate above ground pools from 12 ft. up to 28 ft. All reels are backed by a 3-Year Warranty.

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