AquaPill SolarPill a Liquid Solar Blanket Alternative
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AquaPill SolarPill a Liquid Solar Blanket Alternative

Minimize Heat Loss - No Need to remove and store a Solar Cover to use the pool.

Most pool heat loss is due to water evaporation. SolarPill minimizes heat loss by forming an ultra-thin, invisible barrier on the surface of the water to reduce evaporation. Its patented pre-measured delivery system gradually releases the formula into the filtration system to allow for optimum coverage. Replace when necessary to maintain water temperature. SolarPill can be used with all types of sanitizers.

AquaPill SolarPill
Large SolarPill
AquaPill SolarPill
Small SolarPill

SolarPill Dosage

One Pill last for about 30 days. Small Pill for pools up to 12,000 gallons. Large Pill for pools up to 30,000 gallons.

How to use the SolarPill

  • Detach blue piercing tool from white pushpin.
  • Insert blue piercing tool into large center hole. Press firmly against hard surface until plastic is punched through.
  • Turn pill over and pierce two holes on both sides of logo using white pushpin.
  • With pump running, discard blue tool and place pill face up in skimmer for 4-6 hours.

SolarPill Best Results Tips

  • DO NOT place chlorine tablets into skimmer at the same time as the SolarPill.
  • Angle the returns downward to decrease water surface movement, as SolarPill is most effective in still water.
Aquapill SolarPill Material Safet Date Sheet

Features of Aquapill SolarPill Liquid Solar Blanket
  • Small 2.75" pill (4.4oz) treats up to 12,000 gallons
  • Large 4" pill (14.2oz) treats up to 30,000 gallons
  • One SolarPill last about 30 Days
  • Safe for all pool sanitation methods (Salt or Chlorine)
  • Non-Toxic formula
  • Made in the USA.

  • Features of Benefits:
  • Reduces heat and chemical loss
  • No Solar Blankets to take off or cover the pool
  • Extends the swimming season
  • Does NOT interfere with automatic pool cleaners

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