Above Ground Pools, A Winning Combination of Beauty, Price and Durability

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools

The Advantages To Owning An Above Ground Pool

Countless number of people long to spend the sizzling, humid days of summer lounging around a refreshing backyard swimming pool, but the expense of putting in a traditional inground swimming pool is often prohibitive.  Unfortunately, not everyone can spend a large sum of money for a high end backyard inground swimming pool.  Luckily, an economically reachable solution is absolutely obtainable.  Above ground swimming pools are a fraction of the cost to purchase, install, and maintain.  Admittedly, the appearance of an above ground swimming pool has not always appealed to homeowners, but the once lowly above ground pool has gained ground in terms of looks and prestige over the years and now serves as a beautiful and refined focal point in many backyards.

Manufacturers of today’s above ground swimming pools have succeeded in producing materials that combine quality and durability with aesthetic beauty.  Above ground pools, which are often constructed of industrial strength steel or aluminum and super strong resin, are specially coated with multiple layers to resist corrosion, scratching, and UV rays, but they are also accessible in plenty of beautiful, alluring colors and patterns to suit the most discriminating of tastes.

In addition to choosing an above ground pool with an adorning and decorative appearance, a homeowner can further enhance the appearance of an above ground pool by adding a pool deck, and surrounding the base of the pool with brillant and varigated landscaping.  Shrubbery, trickling ponds, and perennials are just a few of the landscaping options that allow an above ground pool to blend smoothly into the natural environment.

Homeowners who may still have reservations about installing an above ground pool in their yards may find comfort in knowing that they can have their cake and eat it, too, so to speak.  The first-class assembly and corrosion resistance of some above ground swimming pools make it possible for them to be installed as semi-inground pools.  Homeowners can achieve the appearance of an inground swimming pool at the undoubtedly more cost-effective expense of an above ground pool.

Today’s above ground swimming pools offer durability and charm at an affordable price.  This winning combination of characteristics can make those long, hot summer days play-out unwinding by your pool even more refreshing.

2 thoughts on “Above Ground Pools, A Winning Combination of Beauty, Price and Durability”

  1. Trey Collier

    I agree Gene! Above ground pools are very nice and cost effective alternative to in-ground pools. They have most of the same features and the best of all, you can enjoy getting wet when its hot outside. I’ve personally enjoyed my AG pool. Taught both my little girls to swim, by themselves, with no “Aids” (like floaties…which I personally dislike as they hinder their learning how to swim…..I was an American Red Cross instructor for years, Life Guard, WSI Instructor, then WSI Instructor trainer, and College Swim Team athlete) by the time they were 3 and a half years of age! . Bottom line, it doesn’t make must difference in an above ground pool vs in-ground whatsoever. When it hot, a pool is cool! 😛

  2. Gene

    Great article! Yes, it’s true above ground swimming pools HAVE come a long, long way! No longer thought of as the “low rent” way to cool off. We install above ground pools in $250,000-$500,000 homes ALL THE TIME! One more nice thing, if you decide to move, you can take the pool with you for your new home. Besides affordability, it’s mobile! Happy Swimming!!

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