Automatic Pool Cleaners for Small Pools and Spas

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Automatic Pool Cleaners for Small Pools and Spas

The Best Choices for Small Pools, Inflatable Pools, and Spas

One of the frequent and necessary tasks that comes with owning a pool is cleaning it.  But, if you own a small pool, an inflatable pool, or a spa, standard-size automatic pool cleaners will prove to be too big and bulky for the job.  Smaller areas require smaller pool cleaners.  To most efficiently meet your dirt and debris cleaning needs, the best choice would be cordless, hoseless, automatic pool cleaners that work independently of your pool’s pump and filter system.

Larger automatic pool cleaners are most often powered by electricity from the home, or by the suction created from a pool’s pump and filter system.  Either way, pool owners are required to manage a fairly cumbersome machine and many feet of cords or hoses.  More substantial devices as well as long cords and hoses are useful when the area to be cleaned is significant, but not when it comes to cleaning smaller pools and spas.  Many of the automatic cleaners designed for smaller spaces are lightweight, easy to maneuver, free of cords and hoses, and powered by standard batteries.  Some cleaners come equipped with rechargeable batteries, which would be the more environmentally friendly option, and some even operate by using no batteries at all, but rather by drawing debris up into a capture chamber through a siphoning process.

Useful features to look for in automatic pool cleaners designed for smaller spaces include reusable filter bags for collecting debris and a telescoping pole for easy cleaning of deeper areas in the spa or pool, or the ability to attach your existing telescoping pole.  Additionally, look for the length of time that the cleaners can operate before new batteries are required — some hold a charge for as little as 30 minutes, while others can clean for up to 3 hours or longer on a single charge or set of batteries.  Length of operation time may not be a significant factor if the pool cleaner will be used in a spa or as a spot cleaner in a larger pool.  If the cleaner will be used to entirely clean a small to medium-size pool, though, length of operation time will be an important consideration.

An additional feature to consider when deciding among automatic pool cleaners for small spaces is the size and shape of the cleaning head.  What is the size and shape of your pool or spa?  Are there tight corners or small nooks into which you would want a pool cleaner to fit?  Will you be using your pool cleaner for spot cleaning only, or will it also be used to clean an entire pool?  Some cleaners are designed with a narrow head, and these are perfect for cleaning spas and for spot cleaning any size swimming pool.  Other cleaners for small spaces have a wider head, but often come with a crevice or corner attachment to reach tighter spaces.  These work well as spot cleaners in any size pool, but they can also more effectively clean small to medium-size pools as a whole.

In short, when it comes to small pools, inflatable pools, or spas, choosing the right automatic pool cleaner depends largely on your own needs: how do you prefer your pool cleaner to be powered; how long do you need a single battery charge to last; and what features will help you most effectively clean your specific pool or spa?  No matter what size your pool or spa, cleaning it is a must, and using the most appropriate pool cleaner for the job will save you time and effort.

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  1. Glendale Pool Cleaners

    Great info! You can tell you know your stuff and genuinely want to share it with people! I’ve known people who think cleaning their own pool is therapeutic, so if I know anyone who is looking for tips, I’ll send ’em this way!

  2. Guillermo Martinez

    I like how you explained that there are options out there, if you have a big pool or small spa or something in the middle, there’s a tool for the right job. Thank a lot for the info!

  3. Ryan Anderson

    We have just recently launched our new pool cleaning and service company and came across this article.

    Really appreciate that you are taking the time to educate others on the best type of pool cleaners for different types of swimming pool and spas.

    Automatic pool cleaners aren’t the most exciting topic but you did a great job of explaining everything.

    Thanks a ton for the awesome information Randy!

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