Have a Leak? We Have a Solution!

Developing a leak in your pool or spas plumbing system can be a disaster. Often, you cannot even locate the exact source of the leak, leaving you to scratch you head while your water levels constantly decrease. Fix A Leak is the solution. A single quart treats up to a 20,000 gallon pool and it works on practically any type of material. You feed Fix a Leak through your filter (bypassing your filter media) and keep your water circulating ever 4-6 hours until the leak stops. In twenty-four to forty-eight hours, you should be leak free. This high quality solution will also work on walls, floors, and pool shells. The seal is permanent¬† and lost water will be a thing of the past! Don’t let this costly problem continue if you are experiencing a pool leak. You can save lots of money on water and avoid costly excavation.

About Trey Collier

Grew up as a Military Brat. (Thanks Dad. Hats off to my Mom too as it took a special person to be married to someone in the military) Was a competitive swimmer in high school and in college. 11 years a Red Cross Volunteer, teaching kids & adults how to swim. ARC Water Safety Instructor and WSI Trainer, CPR Instructor/Trainer and Advance First Aid Instructor. Proud Dad of two beautiful girls.

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