Pool Cleaners Make Maintenance a Breeze

 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Owning a pool is incredibly rewarding experience. It can also be a lot of work if you have to spend your summer days cleaning the pool instead of enjoying it. Automatic pool cleaners take the labor out of pool maintenance. They are a lazy person’s dream come true! There are three types of automatic pool cleaner: suction side, pressure side, and robotic.

Suction side cleaners are basically like a water powered vacuum cleaner. They use your pools own suction, usually from the skimmer, to remove dirt & debris from the bottom of the pool and send it to the filter. The only drawback to these is that you tie up your skimmer while the cleaner is running, which limits your ability to clean the surface of the water.

Pressure side cleaners use one of the water returns or a secondary booster pump to push the dirt & debris into a bag on the cleaner. Fine dirt is stirred up and eventually cleaned by the filter. These cleaners don’t tie up your skimmer so it continues to clean the surface while the machine is operating on the bottom.

Robotic pool cleaners are computer-controlled pool vacuums that can scrub any size pool and operate independently from your pump and filter system. They have an internal microchip that controls their movements. This type of cleaner can either be pre-programmed to a pattern that you select or can use logic to sense the size and shape of your pool and clean every inch. Robotic pool cleaners are generally the most recommended type of cleaner because of their ease and effectiveness.

No matter which type of pool cleaner you choose, you will be making a smart investment. Instead of hours each week scrubbing and working, you can lay back enjoy your pool the way that it was intended to be enjoyed!

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