Pool Safety Cover Care and Maintenance

Safety Cover Care and Maintenance

Safety Cover Care and Maintenance

Tips for Caring for Your Swimming Pool Safety Cover

A safety cover differs from any other type of swimming pool cover in that it is designed to prevent drowning and submersion accidents by providing a taut barrier over the pool water. A cover can only be called a safety cover if it is able to support at least 485 pounds per 5 square feet, according to standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM standard F1346-91). Any person or animal who wanders onto a properly installed safety cover will be protected from falling into the pool.

In order for a safety cover to do its job, though, it must be kept in good shape. Here are some tips pool owners can follow to care for and maintain a swimming pool safety cover:

When installing the safety cover initially, ensure that springs are very taut because, over time, the cover will relax and the tension will ease.

Removing and replacing the cover before and after use is an easier process if the cover is fan folded.

When not in use, store the cover in the storage bag included. Hang the bag off of the floor so the cover can drain.

Flush out anchor casings in the pool deck with a hose several times a year to prevent sticking.

Debris can be easily hosed off of a properly installed cover.

To clean the debris screen in a solid safety cover, first remove the cover from the pool. Open and fold back the mesh panel on top of the cover. Hose the filter screen off from behind to remove any fine debris. Finally, close the panel and store the cover away until it is needed again.

Use a cover pump to remove any excess water that accumulates on the top of a solid safety cover that does not have a debris screen.

Any small holes in the cover should be patched right away to prevent them from increasing in size.

Large holes may not be fixable, and a new safety cover may be required.

The only way to ensure that a safety cover can adequately prevent submersion and drowning accidents is make sure it stays in top condition. Regular maintenance is the key. Additionally, proper installation of the safety cover is essential. A safety cover should lie flat against the pool deck to prevent any gaps or spaces through which a child could squeeze and gain access to the pool water.

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