Portable Hot Tubs and Spas

Portable Hot Tubs and Spas

Portable Hot Tubs

Portable Hot Tubs and Spas, Affordable Relaxation That Goes Anywhere

One of the most luxurious ways to relax following a long day is to soak in a warm spa or hot tub and enjoy the massaging action of the bubbling water. Hot tubs are already a welcome addition in many backyards, but the cost of purchasing and installing them prevents many homeowners from taking the plunge. Traditional spas generally require a significant financial sacrifice because it’s necessary to pay for more than just the structure itself. Properly preparing the surface underneath and the surrounding location, and ensuring that proper wiring is installed are essential, and expensive, steps one must take when adding a traditional hot tub to the home environment. More often, homeowners are finding that portable hot tubs offer a more affordable alternative. When it comes to surface preparation, size, ease of set up, and wiring requirements, portable hot tubs have the advantage.

Less work is required to prepare the surface on which portable hot tubs and spas will be placed because, generally speaking, they do not often find a permanent home in one spot. Preparing an area for a traditional spa takes real effort and planning. Poured concrete slabs, paver stones, and deck installations are three common options for surfaces. While they may look lovely, they consume a significant amount of space and cost a good deal to install. One of the benefits of portable hot tubs is the very fact that they are portable and can be put up, taken down, and moved around without much effort. That being the case, the only real requirement for the surface underneath a portable structure is that it is somewhat level and smooth — rocks or other debris could damage the bottom. Portable spas and hot tubs can be used on grass, patios, driveways, and even in a garage or basement.

Two more advantages of portable hot tubs and spas are their size and easy set up. They are generally smaller than traditional spas and can fit into tighter spaces. Homeowners wishing to purchase a portable spa are not required to clear a significant area in the yard or on the deck in order to house the structure. Because of their smaller size and clever construction, most set up in only a few minutes — some are inflatable and come equipped with their own inflating device, while others have insulated panels that connect together. Setting up and transporting portable spas is so easy that many owners enjoy taking them along on vacations and even to the homes of friends and family.

One of the most practical advantages of portable hot tubs and spas is their ability to plug into a standard household outlet. Traditional varieties operate on hard wired, GFCI-protected 220-240 volt 50 amp circuits. These circuits should be installed only by a qualified electrician. Portable spas, on the other hand, have a GFCI built into the end of the cord, so they can plug directly into a standard 110-120 volt outlet.

Portable hot tubs and spas offer many advantages over traditional, more permanent ones. No need for surface preparation, smaller size, easy set up, and the ability to use existing household wiring make them an attractive option for homeowners who would love to own a hot tub, but who don’t want the expense or the permanence of traditional structures. One could argue that, because portable spas and hot tubs save homeowners money, they make relaxation time even more rewarding.

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