Quickly Drain Your Inflatable/Collapsible Pool

If you have an inflatable or collapsible pool that will be emptied and taken down when summer ends, you have probably struggled to find a quick and efficient way to drain the water. The Quick Drain is the perfect solution to your problem. Simple and easy to use, the Quick Drain is designed to make your life easier! It used siphon action to remove dirt, debris, and water from your pool. Since it has no moving parts, it is easy to operate and can drain a pool at a rate of 10-12 gallons per minute. Simply insert the suction tube into the pool or spa, shake the tube and the Quick Drain goes to work. You can add extensions hoses to direct water up to 24 feet away. Draining your pool could not be any easier!

Quick Drain Instruction 1Quick Drain Instruction 2Quick Drain Instruction 3

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