Safety Tips for Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot Tub and Spa Safety

Residential hot tub safety is not always given as high a priority as swimming pool safety, but just as many dangers exist in and around hot tubs and spas as there are around pools.  Here are a few safety tips recommended by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission that can keep everyone safe in the spa:

  • Hot Tub Cover — Always use a hot tub cover, and be sure to secure and lock it when the spa is not in use.  Remind children frequently to stay away from the hot tub unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Drains and Drain Covers — Spas and hot tubs should have at least two drains which have compliant anti-entrapment drain covers.  Single-drain spas create a powerful suction that can entangle hair and entrap body parts, leading to injury and even death.  Check the hot tub’s drain covers several times throughout the year.  Replace damaged or missing drain covers immediately.
  • Pump Shut-Off — Know the location of the hot tub pump’s shut-off switch.  Turn off the pump immediately in any emergency situation.
  • Water Temperature — Keep the water temperature in your hot tub at or below 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Alcohol Consumption — Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while in a hot tub or spa.

Make these few safety precautions a priority around the spa.  Doing so will keep everyone safe and ensure that hot tub time is relaxing and fun.

3 thoughts on “Safety Tips for Hot Tubs and Spas”

  1. shastapoolsandspas

    Great tips! I agree that the components and parts of the tubs should be functioning well to prevents accidents. While some hot tub models have glass holders, it is still wise not to consume alcohol while soaking in the tub because getting drunk might lead to drowning.

  2. Hot Tub User

    Wow!! Great One
    outdoor Hot tubs are great ways of getting relaxation side by side .Hot tubs are the easy and best way of relaxation and. Another benefit is you can easily carry these from one place to another

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