Smart Summer Solution: Keep the Party in the Pool

Pool Party Pool Furniture

The last thing most people want to do once they’re in the swimming pool is get out of the swimming pool.  Sure, getting out is necessary sometimes, but it would be great to be able to enjoy that refreshing water as long as possible.  Whether it’s lunch time, snack time, or party time, you can stay in the pool longer thanks to Pool Party Pool Furniture which is designed to go in the shallow end of your pool.

Pool Party Pool Furniture is not floating furniture, nor is it affixed in any way to the pool’s bottom.  Two key ingredients make this pool furniture unique.  First, the furniture pieces are designed to fill quickly with water when submerged so that they are naturally weighted down in the pool.  Second, specialized foot pads prevent the furniture legs from damaging the pool bottom, no matter what material it’s made from.  Pool Party Furniture can be used on the pool deck, too.  The water-filled pieces drain quickly as they are lifted out of the water.

Kids, teens, and adults appreciate the convenience and novelty of lounging on the patio furniture and enjoying the pool at the same time.  Visit with friends, chat on the phone, read a book, or enjoy a meal without having to leave the water.  Pool Party Pool Furniture is a smart and innovative solution for pool-loving families.

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