The Time and Money-Saving Benefits of Pool Covers

In Ground Solar Pool Covers - 14 mil Clear   Mesh Safety Cover / Pool Size 12ft  x 27ft  Rectangle / 12 yr

Winter is finally over, and the winter pool cover will soon be stored away until next year.  Continuing to cover your pool throughout the swimming season is important, though.  Whether you use a solar pool cover or a safety cover, you can enjoy the following benefits from consistently covering your swimming pool when it is not in use:

  • A covered pool significantly reduces evaporation and retains the pool’s heat, thereby lowering expenses and extending the swimming season.
  • A covered pool requires fewer chemicals because evaporation is greatly reduced, and the water stays chemically balanced for longer periods of time.
  • A covered pool means a cleaner pool.  Dirt, leaves, and other debris stay out when a pool cover is on.

In addition to these advantages, solar pool covers and safety covers offer additional, unique benefits that should be considered.  Deciding which pool cover is best for your swimming pool will depend on your particular situation.

Solar pool covers are intended to draw the sun’s heat into the pool, keeping the water comfortably warm for longer periods of time.  This type of pool cover is perfect for pools that are not frequented by small children and pets.

Safety covers, on the other hand, are ideal for family pools where children and pets could potentially wander too close to the water.  Safety covers must be able to hold a minimum of 485 pounds per 5 square feet, according to standard F1346-91 set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Solar pool cover or safety cover — no matter which pool cover you choose, covering your pool regularly during the swimming season offers a number of time and money-saving benefits that should make the extra few minutes required to cover and uncover your pool worth the effort.

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