What Is a Solar Pool Cover?

Close Up View of Solar Cover

Close Up View of Solar Cover

The purpose of a Solar Pool Cover, also known as a solar blanket, is to increase the temperature of your pool’s water by soaking up sunlight in the day and preventing the heat from escaping from your pool at night.  A solar cover can raise the temperature of your pool water by an average of 10 degrees, more in sunny climates, which not only makes the water consistently comfortable for longer periods, but allows you to run your pool heater for significantly less time over the course of the season.  

Usually the most affordable type of pool cover, solar pool covers can also save you money by decreasing evaporation.  In fact, water and chemical evaporation can be decreased by up to 70 percent with the use of a solar cover.   In addition, solar pool covers can give your filter pump a rest because they help keep leaves, small branches, and other debris out of the pool.  Solar covers are not intended to keep all debris out of the pool, but they will certainly make the job of cleaning the pool easier.

Solar pool covers float on the surface of the pool water without requiring tie-downs or anchors to keep them in place; solar covers are easy to remove and put away, especially if you have a friend to help.  Covers can be folded and stored in a pool shed or rolled-up on a large reel and wheeled out of the way when the pool is in use.

Solar pool covers are NOT safety covers, though, and should always be completely removed from the swimming pool before anyone enters the water.

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  1. Abad Co.

    We R looking for a texture :
    Usage: Covering pipe and tanks in open air
    it should be:
    – anti sun shine
    – heat resistant
    – open air usage
    – soft material (rolled)
    – 1meter of wide
    Do you offer the above? Price , characteristic , delivery?
    Abad Co.

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