Blue Lagoon Round Pool 15ft x 52in - NB1063
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Blue Lagoon Round Pool 15ft x 52in - NB1063

Above Ground Swimming Pool Kit

The 15ft x 52in Blue Lagoon Above Ground Swimming Pool has all of the features of a more expensive above ground swimming pool but at a more affordable price. It is a better alternative to an Intex type pool and will give you and your family many years of outdoor pool fun.

Blue Lagoon pools are made of high quality treated steel, which will long outlast plastic or vinyl pools. All steel parts are protected by a zinc alloy coating that gives Blue Lagoon pools superior corrosion resistance. Unlike Intex skimmers, the Blue Lagoon's skimmer is fully functional. It will keep your pool free of surface debris, and standard automatic cleaners and manual vacuums easily hook up to the pool's return. Blue Lagoon is easy to clean and maintain.

Blue Lagoon has all the quality features that usually cost hundreds of dollars more. The pool is easy to install and comes with complete installation instructions. Round sizes only. Get your family into a quality Blue Lagoon pool at a great price. The Blue Lagoon comes backed by a 15 year warranty.

Reasons to Choose Blue Lagoon over Intex:


Blue Lagoon

Intex Style Tubular Pools


48 and 52 inch

48 and 52 inch



Vinyl and Tubular Steel


Standard AG Skimmer and Return

Floating Lily Pad Type (Functions Poorly)

Pump and Filter System

Powerful Sand Filter w/Multiport Valve

Small Cartridge System & Pump

Pump Gallons per Hour

3000 Gallons per Hour

Less than 2000 Gallons per Hour

Automatic Cleaner Acceptable




15 Years

90 Days

All Blue Lagoon Pool Kits Come with the following


Solid Blue 20 Mil

Pump / Filter

12 in Filter with 1/2 HP Pump

Ladder/Steps Options

Aluminum A-Frame Ladder

Maintenance Kit

View the Installation Information.

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