Barbados 33ft Round x 52 inch Pool, Liner and Skimmer
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Barbados 33ft Round x 52 inch Pool, Liner and Skimmer

Above Ground Swimming Pool

The Barbados 52 deep all steel pool features a 7-1/2 inch top ledge and 6 inch uprights. They are coated with Krystal Kote which is a resin sealer that helps to lock out corrosion and prevent discoloration and dirt buildup. The top ledge backer is treated with CopperGuard which is an unmatched system of a bonding primer and a metallic sealer to protect the underside of the ledge from chlorine splashback.

The Galvanized steel walls are sealed on both sides. The exterior is treated with Armor-Coat to protect it from the elements. The interior is treated with Liqui-Lok; an epoxy sealer that prevents the transfer of moisture from the soil to the pool wall. Not for inground or partial inground installation. 50 year warranty; 3 years full.

Features & Benefits:
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • 52" Wall Height
  • 7.5" Wide Top Rails
  • 6" Wide Uprights
  • Krystal Kote resin sealer
  • Barbados pools are made to be easily installed by homeowners
  • Step by Step installation manual makes setting up your new pool easy
Swimming Pool Kit Includes
(unless you make modifications of course)
  • Pool Wall
  • Top Rails
  • Bottom Rails
  • Vertical Supports (Uprights)
  • Skimmer
  • Solid Blue Overlap Liner
Options allow you to Customize your swimming pool kit.

Liner Options

(We offer many styles of liners. See our Pool Liners page for other options. Freight will apply to liners not offered with this pool kit.  )

Solid Blue
20 mil Overlap

Blue Wall/Reflections Floor

All Reflections

Pacific Realm Unibead
Sonoma Unibead

Pump / Filter Options

Blue Star Sand Filter System

Blue Star Cartridge Filter System

Ladder/Steps Options

Automatic Cleaner Options

Light Option

Maintenance Kit

  • Maintenance Kit Includes: Leaf Skimmer, Brush, Vacuum Head, Thermometer, Test Kit, 3 Piece Telepole and 40 foot Vacuum Hose


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