Aegean Above Ground Swimming Pools

Aegean Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pools

The Aegean Above Ground Swimming Pool is a mid range, economically priced, high quality, steel above ground swimming pool. Built by one of the world's leading pool manufacturers, Atlantic Pools. From its extra wide 8 inch top rails to its heavy duty fully supporting 6 inch uprights, the Aegean delivers superior quality and craftsmanship.

Aegean pools are made with the thickest steel of any pool in this class. This extra heavy gauge steel means less bending and warping than pools built with regular weight steel. In addition to its superior strength, it is able to withstand the rigors of freezing winters and heavy snows. Extra wide 8 inch top rails and 6 inch fully supportive uprights provide a rugged structure that will withstand years of active family fun. The attractive sidewall design combined with the ProtectAll decorator resin seat caps give our Aegean a deluxe upscale look.

The Aegean Swimming pool has many layers of Texture-Kote (on the top rails and verticals) and Protectoloc (on the walls) to protect your pool from rust and corrosion. Protected from blazing sunlight to driving rain and snow, your pool will look virtually brand new for many years to come. This pool is backed by a 30-Year Limited Warranty. Available with a 52 inch wall in a variety of round and oval sizes to fit your backyard.

Aegean pools are designed to assemble quickly and easily by do-it-yourselfers. A free installation DVD is included with each pool to give you step-by-step instruction. Pool set-up is a snap! Invest in an economical Aegean pool this spring and enjoy your own backyard pool this summer.

We offer a couple of pool packages from which to choose. You may purchase the pool wall and skimmer only if you already have everything else, or you can choose one of our complete pool packages.

Features & Benefits:
  • 30 Year Warranty
  • 52" Wall Height
  • 8" Wide Top Rails
  • 6" Wide Uprights
  • Protectoloc finish on pool walls
  • Baked on texture coat finish on the frame
  • Wall core made of the heaviest gauge steel used in the industry
  • Heavy duty steel frame and galvanized top and bottom plates
  • Form Fitting Resin Connectors
  • Limited Buttress Oval Pools (fewer per side)
  • Step by Step DVD and installation manual make setting up your new pool easy
  • Corrugated steel wall adds further protection against ice and impact damage.

Swimming Pool Only Includes
(unless you make modifications)
Swimming Pool Kit Includes
(unless you make modifications)
  • Pool Wall
  • 8 inch Top Rails
  • Bottom Rails
  • 6 inch Vertical Supports (Uprights)
  • Wall Skimmer
  • Solid Blue Overlap Liner
  • Everything from first column plus
  • Sta-Rite 1HP 19in Sand Filter System
  • A-Frame Ladder
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Floating Chlorinator
  • Chemical Sample Kit

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