Unibead Vinyl Liner - AG 36 Foot Round Pool -Liberty 54in
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Unibead Vinyl Liner - AG 36 Foot Round Pool -Liberty 54in

Heavy Gauge Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

Unibead Vinyl Liner - Above Ground 33 Foot Round Pool - Liberty 54" - NL848209. Our premium liners are made using a unique process for maximum protection from pool chemicals and the sun' damaging U.V. rays.  Our liners will last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years.

J-Bead Liners or Uni-Beaded liners can be hung on the pool wall like an overlap liner or can be inserted to a bead receiver track like beaded liners.    This liner is perfect as a replacement for either beaded or overlap liners. This liner must be purchased specifically for your wall height.

J-Hook J-Bead Uni-Bead Liner Diagram

Above Ground Pool Vinyl Liner Options

Gorilla Pad

Gorilla Pad makes old foam floor padding obsolete. Unlike foam, which can be easily cut by grass, roots or rocks under your liner, Gorilla Padding is impervious to almost any sharp object.

Peel N' Stick Pool Cove

A Pool Cove becomes part of your pool to seal the space between the wall and the liner, and to prevent liner strain. Made from chemically-neutral foam, it helps fight corrosion. It's compatible with all vinyl liners. Eliminates the need for banking of sand, otherwise used to create a sealed barrier between the wall and liner.

Bead Receiver

Convert your overlap lined pool to accept beaded liners with ease. Bead Receivers attach to the top of the pool wall to create a track where the bead liner snaps into.

A benefit of beaded liners is apparent when replacing your liner. Installing a bead liner eliminates the need to take your pool apart, just snap out the old liner and snap in the new one! Bead Receiver strips are 48" long.

The recommended number of Bead Receivers for your size pool is 29.

Features of 36ft Liberty Heavy Gauge 54in Unibead Liner
  • Constructed of full 25-Gauge (Mil) virgin vinyl.
  • Strong, double-welded seams.
  • Backed by a 25-Year Warranty.

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