Zanzibar 54 Inch Above Ground Swimming Pools

Zanzibar 54 Inch Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Style and quality merge together in this attractive 54 inch deep steel pool. The Zanzibar features an 8 inch wide resin top rail that looks great & will never rust or corrode. It has a super strong steel construction. Steel is the strongest material used in above-ground pool construction. The Zanzibar uses thick gauge steel in its uprights and sidewalls to make this pool rugged & durable. The attractive 8 inch resin top rail is beautiful, but also softer to sit upon and will not dent like steel top rails. These pool features are produced with expert craftsmanship resulting in a pool that is not only strong, but has an excellent fit & finish.

The Zanzibar uses advanced coating techniques that insure that this pool will not rust or corrode during normal use. The 8 inch top rail not only adds beauty- it will never rust, corrode or dent. It is impervious to water or chemical damage and it is loaded with UV inhibitors to protect it from sunlight.

Zanzibar pools are designed to assemble quickly and easily by do-it-yourselfers. Installation instructions are included with each pool. Invest in our heavy duty Zanzibar pool this spring and get in on the family fun. Zanzibar pools come standard with a widemouth skimmer and return fitting. They are backed by a 30-Year Limited Warranty. Available with a 54 inch wall in a variety of round and oval sizes to fit your backyard.

This pool has been discontinued and there are none left in stock.

Features & Benefits:
  • 30 Year Warranty
  • 54" Wall Height
  • 8" Wide Top Rails
  • Thick Gauge Uprights
  • Advanced coating techniques
  • Deluxe resin seat covers.
  • Zanzibar pools are made to be easily installed by homeowners
  • Step by Step installation manual makes setting up your new pool easy

Swimming Pool, Skimmer, and Liner Only Includes
(unless you make modifications)
Swimming Pool Kit Includes
(unless you make modifications)
  • Pool Wall
  • 8" Top Rails
  • Bottom Rails
  • Vertical Supports (Uprights)
  • Your Choice of Unibead Liner
  • Wall Skimmer
  • Everything from first column plus
  • Sta-Rite 1HP 19in Sand Filter System
  • A-Frame Ladder
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Floating Chlorinator
  • Chemical Sample Kit

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