Swimming Pool Anti Freeze Concentrate - NW3402
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Swimming Pool Anti Freeze Concentrate - NW3402

Protect Your Swimming pool plumbing

Swimming Pool Anti Freeze protects your pool plumbing when the temp drops down below freezing. Our antifreeze is concentrated so 1 quart mixed with 3 quarts of water will make 1 gallon of antifreeze that will protect pool plumbing down to -40° F. The Anti Freeze comes with a dilution chart so you can make the strength you need to protect your pool. The recommended strength is -40° F for most areas. Concentrated antifreeze is safe for swimming pool use and non-toxic. Use one gallon for every 10 ft of 1.5" pipe. Safe for all types of pool plumbing. 100% Propylene Glycol.

Drain Pool Plumbing of All Water
  • Open all pool system valves
  • Temporarily drain the pool below the lowest inlet fitting allowing all water to drain from the lines
  • To remove residual water, blow out the lines by attaching a blow-out plug to the water intake fitting and applying air pressure.

Drain Equipment Plumbing of All Water
  • Remove all drain plugs located on the hair and lint pot of the pump, filter tank, selector valve, heat exchanger, etc. Be sure to remove both front and rear plugs from the heater header.
  • Coat drain plugs with waterproof grease.
  • Replace drain plugs after all water has drained from the system.
  • Remove, drain and store the skimmer, pump strainer basket and filter pressure gauge.
  • Plug the inlet and skimmer with winterizing plugs.
  • Return the pool to its recommended winter water level.

  • Add Swimming Pool Antifreeze to the pool's plumbing lines. A hand pump is recommended to pump antifreeze into the system.
  • Remove pressure relief valve or plug on the top side of front heater header. Add antifreeze. Replace Fitting.
  • Add a few inches of antifreeze directly to the skimmer.

Pool Antifreeze Instructions and Dilution Chart

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