Terminator Algaecide for Swimming Pools - 1qt. - NY130
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Terminator Algaecide for Swimming Pools - 1qt. - NY130

Specialty Swimming Pool Chemical

Algae growth is common when your pool has poor circulation and when the disinfectant level, or algaecide content, in the water is low or neglected. Proper filtration (we recommend running filter at least 8-10 hours a day) and regular use of algaecide will keep your pool free of algae.

We offer only the most concentrated algaecides to fight all strains of green, yellow, black, and mustard algae. Not only do they kill existing algae, but they will also prevent the formation of those tough, resistant algae. Buy 4 quarts and SAVE!


  • Kills all types and strains of algae
  • Non-metallic, non-foaming formula
  • Not affected by pH
  • Won't stain surfaces or leave behind any residue
  • Swim immediately after treatment
  • Will not foam or cloud water
  • Dosage: 6 oz. per 10,000 gallons

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