3" 5 in 1 Chlorine Tablets - 40lbs - NC150
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3" 5 in 1 Chlorine Tablets - 40lbs - NC150

Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

The NEW 5 in 1 3" Chlorine Tablets by Blue Wave includes a Sanitizer, Clarifier, Stain Inhibitor, De-Scaler and Algaecide all in one 3" tablet. These Chlorine tablets will make pool maintenance easier and reduce the amount of pool chemicals you need to buy and use. These Chlorine Tablets will help keep your swimming pool water crystal clear. Each Tablet is individually wrapped and is slow dissolving and UV protected for extended chlorine life. Can be used in floating chlorinators or automatic feeders. Contains 84.65% available pool chlorine and 94% active ingredient - trichlor

Only available in 40lb. Buckets

NC150 MSDS Sheet

Features of 5 in 1 Chlorine Tablets
  • Each Tablet contains:
  • Sanitizer: Chlorine to keep your pool bacteria free
  • Clarifier: Clears up cloudy water
  • Stain Inhibitor: Removes minerals that can cause stains
  • DeScaler: Remove deposits and film from pool surface
  • Algaecide: Provides a regular, slow-release dosage best for preventing algae growth

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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