Aqua Bloks (12-Pack)
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Aqua Bloks (12-Pack)

for In Ground Winter Covers

Aqua Bloks provide an alternative to Water Bags for anchoring your In Ground Winter Pool Cover. Use the Aqua Bloks like you would water tubes by sliding the blok through the sleeve of the winter cover. Aqua Bloks can be filled with water, sand, pebbles etc. and the bloks come with a secure snap lock cover. Made of rugged polyethylene the bloks are made to withstand weather as cold as 50 below zero and have been UV treated to withstand the sun. When not in use the Aqua Bloks can be stacked for easy storage. Each Aqua Blok measures 3 feet L x 8 inches W x 4 inches D. 5 year warranty.




12ft x 24ft
14ft x 28ft
16ft x 32ft
18ft x 36ft
20ft x 40ft

Use this chart as a guide for estimating how many Aqua Bloks are required for your pool size. Remember that each Aqua Blok is 3-feet long. The Aqua Bloks needed chart is only a suggestion you may wish to purchase more or less than the chart indicates.

*Add 2 Aqua Bloks for pools with step sections.

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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