Safety Cover Care and Maintenance

Safety Cover Care and Maintenance

How to extend the use and life of your pool safety cover and hardware.

Care and Maintenance of your pool safety cover

By following these simple steps you can greatly increase the life and quality of your safety cover.

  • The springs should be very taut upon initial installation. In time, the cover will relax and the tension will ease.
  • The cover is designed to screen out leaves and other debris. Clear water can only be maintained if proper levels of chlorine and algaecide are maintained.
  • Water levels must be maintained within 18" of the top of the pool during the snow season. Failure to do so will place undue strain on the cover and void the warranty.
  • Debris may be easily hosed off of a properly installed cover.
  • Removal and subsequent installation is made easier if the cover is fan folded.
  • Store the cover in the storage bag included. Hang the bag off of the floor so the cover can drain.
  • Flush out anchor casings with a hose several times a year to prevent sticking.
  • For solid cover owners: To clean the debris screen, remove cover, open and fold back the mesh panel on top of the cover. Hose the filter screen off from behind to remove fine debris. Close panel and store.

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