Mesh Mate Pool Covers

Mesh Mate Pool Covers

Mesh Solar Cover accessory

Defeat Spring Algae with Mesh Mate! Install Mesh Mate under your mesh safety cover and catch dirt and block the sunlight that is necessary for algae formation. Mesh Mate is a heavy black floating cover that floats on your pool's surface under your mesh safety cover. Mesh Mate catches silt and dirt that fall through your cover keeping the debris out of your pool's water. Mesh Mate's black color helps screen out all sunlight, and dramatically reduces algae blooms. Mesh Mate is sold in three popular sizes and can be cut to size with a pair of scissors. Invest in a Mesh Mate cover this year and enjoy a cleaner pool next spring!

  • Reduces Algae Growth
  • Catches dirt and silt, reduces vacuuming time
  • Reduces the need for extra chemicals
  • Available in 3 sizes: 18x32, 20x40 and 24x44
  • Easily cut with scissors to size

Discontinued product. No longer manufactured.

Last Updated: 02/16/2024 12:15 PM - ID:2950