Pool Cove Peel & Stick 48in
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Pool Cove Peel & Stick 48in

White Peel & Stick Pool Coves for Above Ground Pools by Gladon

All above ground swimming pools need a cove!  Read any pool manufacture's installation instructions and you will find:  "The cove is a vital structural element of your pool."  A cove is needed to keep the weight of the water in the pool liner from causing it to balloon out under the bottom of the pool wall.  Previously, pool cove had to be hand built, in place, using tons of sand or dirt. Liner failures due to cove washout were all too common. Corrosion occurs rapidly where metal components, at the bottom of the pool, come in contact with moisture in the sand or dirt. Hand formed coves are uneven, with hand or shoe prints, making cleaning difficult.

Peel Off backing and affix to wall as shown.

Butt pieces up against each other insuring that there are no gaps.

Lightly broom sand on top of pool cove.

Hose sand down till it is even with bottom of cove

Tamp Sand around entire pool bottom.

Install Liner as normal.

With Pool Cove
Liner rests tight against cove creating a sealed barrier, keeping moisture from getting between the wall and liner.


With Pool Cove
Sand and dirt can be washed out leaving a gap and causing excessive strain on the liner that could result in liner failure.

A Pool cove becomes part of your pool to seal the space between the wall and the liner and to prevent liner strain. Made from chemically-neutral foam, it helps fight corrosion. It's compatible with all vinyl liners. Eliminates the need for banking of sand, otherwise used to create a sealed barrier between the wall and liner. Accommodates wall stretch to help prevent liner tearing and leaking. Fights corrosion to add years to a pool's life expectancy. Will not erode or freeze; holds its shape indefinitely.

# of Coves Needed by Pool Size
Pool Size Number Of Coves
12' Round 10
15' Round 12
18' Round 14
21' Round 17
24' Round 19
27-28' Round 22
30' Round 24
33' Round 26
12'x16' Oval 13
12'x20' Oval 14
12'x24' Oval 16
15'x24' Oval 16
15'x25' Oval 17
15'x26' Oval 18
15'x30' Oval 19
16'x26' Oval 18
16'x32' Oval 21
18'x33' Oval 22
18'x40' Oval 26
21'x41' Oval 27


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