Vinyl Pool Liner - 12 Foot Round Pool - Canyon 25ga - Overlap
(Enlarge Canyon Heavy Overlap Liner)

Vinyl Pool Liner - 12 Foot Round Pool - Canyon 25ga - Overlap

Above Ground Overlap Pool Liner that fits wall heights of 48", 52" and 54" tall

At the bottom of most any Canyon are found river smoothed stones and this became the inspiration of the top border of this premium vinyl liner The multi-colored rocks combine in a unique mosaic creating a border that frames a wall and floor pattern of variable deep blue colored tiles. The Canyon Overlap Liner is rich in color and will add a dynamic, natural element to your pool. This liner is designed to protect itself from harsh pool chemicals and the sun's damaging U.V. rays to last longer and maintain its beautiful appearance for years.

Overlap Vinyl Liner ExplainedOverlap Liner

If your pool does not have a flat bottom or you want to scoop/dish out the middle of the floor to have a deeper water section of your pool up to 72" deep, you will need an Expandable Overlap liner.

Overlap liners are made so that the excess liner material on the pool wall, simply overlaps the pool wall. This liner will fit any pool with a 48", 52" or even a 54" wall height. Pull the liner up and over the top of the wall, hold in place with pool coping strips and then trim off the outside excess.

Liner Warranty - Liner Installation Manual

Features of 12 Foot Round Liner - Canyon 25ga - Overlap
  • River rock top border with sophiticated deep blue tiles on wall and floor
  • Constructed of Industry Standard Heavy 25 Gauge Premium Vinyl
  • Long-lasting and durable smooth welded seam construction
  • Special UV-protected vinyl resists fading from the sun and harsh chemicals
  • This new overlap liner will fit wall heights of 48in, 52in and 54in tall.
  • Backed by a 25-Year Liner Warranty
  • While supplies last

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