Pool Safety Cover Repair/Replacement for Solid and Mesh Safety Covers

Pool Safety Cover Repair/Replacement for Solid and Mesh Safety Covers

Extend the life of your Pool Safety Cover

Safety Cover Repair will extend the life of your cover. We offer a great program to provide you with this service. The best part is that the shipping is FREE!! Just simply fill out the form and fax it back to us. We will send you a box for shipping your cover back along with a PREPAID return label! That's right, WE pay the shipping BOTH WAYS!

All you have to do is remove the hardware from your cover (springs and buckles),  place your cover into the provided box, tape it up and place the prepaid UPS shipping label on it and take it to a local UPS shipping outlet.

When we receive the cover we will inspect the needed repairs and e-mail you a quote on the repair/replacement. If you elect to have the repairs done, you will at that time provide us with your credit card information in order to pay for it. If you decide that you do not want your cover repaired or replaced at this time we will ship it back to you AT NO CHARGE.  That's right, we pay the freight to have it picked up and shipped back. Don't throw away your hard-earned money on a new company if your old cover is repairable.

Another great thing is if your cover is not repairable, we can provide you with a replacement cost. The benefit of this is that your old cover can be duplicated so you will have EXACT STRAP PLACEMENT. No having to re-drill anchors!

All safety cover repairs are done by Rayner Covering Systems. They have been offering one of the highest quality safety covers on the market for nearly two decades and are well recognized in the Safety Cover Industry.

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