The Circulator

Powerful 360 Degree Rotating Water Jet

The Circulator is a simple, yet highly advanced system that took a variety of highly-skilled engineers many years to perfect. The intricate gear system is carefully constructed to exact specifications to allow the activation of this high-tech circulating jet. This state-of-the-art circulating jet is far superior to your typical "out-of-date" standard return fixture installed in most pools today.

The Circulator can bring your pool "up-to-date" with the latest technology for just pennies a day, and in just a few short months the Circulator will pay for itself and put money back in your pocket with savings in electricity, heating, and maintenance. Chemicals work much more efficiently to give you a safer and healthier pool.

The dynamic new Circulator is a major breakthrough in the way you care for your pool! The Circulator gives you similar results to floor systems costing over $2000.00 at a fraction of the cost, yet this turbo-jet is so advanced and unique there is nothing like it on the market today!

The Circulator is a patented turbo-jet nozzle with a powerful 360 rotation that penetrates all layers of contaminants, including floating debris, dirt, and suspended particles of bacteria and directs them to the active main drain and skimmer which is then evacuated into the filtering system. Cleaning your pool becomes virtually effortless with the amazing high-performance power of the Circulator. You now have Peace of Mind knowing that you and your family are swimming in a safer and healthier pool.

The Circulator disburses chemicals 1500% more fluently, greatly enhancing the purity of your pool water. This extreme circulating action helps to keep chemicals working at their maximum potential.

The Circulator helps stabilize your pool water from chemical imbalances caused by poor circulation. By enhancing the efficiency of your chemicals, you now can have the refreshing pleasure of swimming in healthier water while saving Money by using less chemicals.


Out-of-date, standard pool returns move water in one direction, usually penetrating only the top layer of your pool water.

The advanced Circulator water flow penetrates all layers of contaminants, helping to keep your pool water beautiful and healthy, while saving you money and time.

We also include a water diverter free of charge that prevents the Circulator from spraying up onto your deck.

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