Pac-Fab - Predator, Clean and Clear 75 (590541)

One Replacement Cartridge for Pac-Fab - Predator, Clean and Clear 75 (590541)

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Predator, Clean and Clear 75 - 590541 Filter Cartridge Replacement for Pac-Fab with Unicel - C-9407

Swimming Pool Filter Cartridge Replacement for Pac-Fab Predator, Clean and Clear 75 - 590541.

Pool filter cartridges are used to filter swimming pool water by collecting dirt, debris, algae, oils and other contaminants and filtering them out of the pool water. Cartridge filters have a much larger filtering area due to their design and construction. The pleats on a cartridge allow the filter to run at a lower pressure. As a result, the back pressure on your pool and spa pump is reduced thereby increasing the lifespan of your equipment. A pleated cartridge can trap debris as small as 10 to 15 microns (not visible to the un-aided human eye).

Cartridge filtration has been increasingly popular due to lower maintenance in comparison to old style Sand and most D.E. pool filters. There is no need to "Backwash" a cartridge filter, losing water and chemicals. There is no diatomaceous earth (D.E. - white powder substance) to deal with and the cleaning of the filter cartridge is much simpler.

Please utilize the table below to cross reference numbers and measurements as well.

Description Value
Unicel # C-9407 
Filber # FC-0685 
Pleatco # PAP75 
Filter Mfg Pac-Fab 
Filter Model Predator, Clean and Clear 75 
OEM # 590541 
Length 16-1/8" 
Outside Diameter 10-1/16" 
Inside Diameter Top 6" / open 
Inside Diameter Bottom 6" / open 
Pleat Count 171 
Square Feet 75 
Notes Note: This product has no center core. 
Price $67.50 

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