How Do I Know How Much Sand To Put In My Filter?

How Do I Know How Much Sand To Put In My Filter?

Filter Sand Requirements For Your Sand Filter

Have you always wondered how much sand you are supposed to put in your sand filter? Well this chart will help you figure out how much you need. If you don't see your particular sand filter on this list, I would recommend you check with your filter's manufacturer.


Sand Required

(In Pounds)

American Products Eclipse 18150
American Products Eclipse 20200
American Products Eclipse 22200
American Products Eclipse 26225
American Products Eclipse 30350
American Products Sandpiper 18150
American Products Sandpiper 24200
American Products Meteor 18150
American Products Meteor 20200
American Products Meteor 22200
American Products Meteor 26225
American Products Meteor 30350
HaywardS144 50
HaywardS166 100
HaywardS180 150
HaywardS200 200
HaywardS210 200
HaywardS220 225
HaywardS240 300
HaywardS244 300
HaywardS310 500
HaywardS360 700
HaywardGM140 40
HaywardGM142 50
HaywardGM152 50
Jacuzzi Sand Trap ST24350
Jacuzzi Sand Trap ST27600
Jacuzzi Sand Trap ST33850
Jacuzzi LaserL160 140
Jacuzzi LaserL190 200
Jacuzzi LaserL225 250
Jacuzzi LaserL250 350
Pac Fab Tagelus TA35100
Pac Fab Tagelus TA40175
Pac Fab Tagelus TA50225
Pac Fab Tagelus TA60325
Pac Fab Tagelus TA100600
Pac Fab TritonTR40 175
Pac Fab TritonTR50 225
Pac Fab TritonTR60 325
Pac Fab Triton TR100600
Pac Fab Triton TR140925
Sta-RiteHRPB20 200
Sta-RiteHRPB24 250
Sta-RiteHRPB30 400
Sta-RiteT170BP 150
Sta-RiteT200BP 200
Sta-RiteT240BP 240
Sta-RiteT300BP 300

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