Leaf Nets for Swimming Pools

Leaf Nets for Swimming Pools

For Above Ground Swimming Pools

A leaf net for your pool makes that spring pool cleaning much easier. Spring Pool Cleaning is no fun when you have to dispose of huge clumps of rotting and stinky leaves that have collected on your pool cover. The solution is to use a Leaf Net in the off season to catch the leaves that fall from nearby trees onto your pool. Leaf Nets keep leaves as well as twigs and other debris out of your swimming pool and help make Spring cleaning much easier and faster.

The Leaf Net stretches across your solar blanket in the early Spring and early Fall to keep the messy leaves and debris out of your above ground swimming pool. You can also use the Leaf Net over the top of your winter pool cover. Once you are ready to clean your pool, simply remove the Leaf Net first, and then clean the leaves off. To extend the life of your Leaf Net, be sure to dry it thoroughly after each use, and store it in a cool dry place until the end of swimming pool season. Our Leaf Nets are made from durable materials, and the Leaf Nets for Above Ground swimming pools come with a stunning 4 Year Warranty

Above Ground Leaf Nets have an extra 3-foot overlap and include a cable and winch to hold it securely in place over your Swimming Pool Winter Cover. Grommets are placed about 3ft apart. Just thread the nylon cable of your winter cover through the grommets of the leaf net to hold it in place.

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