Custom Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Custom Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Made by Arctic Armor to safely secure your pool

Why do you need a custom made safety cover for your pool?

  1. You have a pool that is NOT a rectangle, or is not a common sized rectangle.
  2. Your pool has any non-removeable objects within 18 inches of the edge of the pool. (Pool Rail / Ladder, Diving Board / Rock, waterfall, raised wall, attached spa, etc)
  3. More than 1 step / seat / swim-out that breaks the outline of the main shape of the pool.
  4. You want a color that is not the typical Blue or Green
  5. Different deck size / type around pool than the standard 3ft of concrete (Wood, grass, pavers, etc.)

Can I get a larger pre-made rectangle to cover my non-rectangle pool?

It is not recommended at all. Under each strap of the cover is a rubbing strip positioned where the cover manufacturer believes the edge or lip of the pool is located. When the cover is pushed downwards by wind, rain, snow, etc., the cover will "rub" on pools edge. The rubbing strips take the brunt of this, by design, and this elongates the covers lifespan. If you put a larger rectangle over your kidney shaped pool the rubbing strips will not be in a position to do its job and the strap and cover fabric will then be compromised.

Manufacturers can easily see the rubbing outline pattern of the pool and will not warranty any cover not specifically made for that pool size/shape. Home owners and liability insurance companies will also not cover any of your liability if you put a safety cover not made for the size and shape of your pool. There also may be local ordinaces or Home Owner Association regulations that may also put you at risk.

What is a Safety Pool Cover?

It is a cover that adheres to The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F1346-91 standard (2010) requires that a pool cover must hold a minimum of 485 pounds per five square feet to qualify as a pool safety cover. These usually come in two basic styles: Mesh or Solid.. Both types of pool safety covers are anchored to a deck with straps that pull the cover taut over the pool; the straps are usually connected to stainless steel springs and are anchored to brass anchor attached to the pool deck surface. Solid covers are always made and quoted with a mesh drain unless specified otherwise. If solid and no mesh drain is specified, then a cover pump will be included in the quote.

When the pool cover is removed, the brass deck anchors can be screwed down flush with the deck level to prevent tripping or toe-stubbing. Because the straps need to be anchored down, safety covers generally require at least 30+ inches of decking all around the pool. There are a variety of deck anchors for all types of decking material including, but not limited to, concrete, brick, asphalt, earth (lawn), and wood.

Get a Safety Pool Cover Quote

To get a quote on customize pool safety cover, please click on the link highlighted below, print it, fill it out according to the directions, and fax it back to us at 901-531-8145, or Scan/Take a Picture with smart phone and email it. Make sure that you add your email address for fastest service.

Custom Safety Cover Quote Measuring Sheet

Most quotes are made within 1-2 business days.  More complex covers make take a little additional time.  Once an order has been placed, most covers will be made and shipped in 72 business hours, and will be delivered in 3-9 business days more to your door!

Note:  It is usually less expensive to purchase a rectangular cover that will cover your non-standard size pool or irregular shaped pool.   But what most dealers will NOT tell you is that this will void the warranty with the manufacturer.   This is true for ALL manufacturers

Quick Safety Cover Comparison Chart

  Standard Mesh Super Mesh Commercial Mesh Ultra Lite Solid
Manufacturer Arctic Armor Arctic Armor Arctic Armor Arctic Armor
Colors Blue, Green, Tan, Black Blue, Green, Tan Blue, Green, Tan, Black Blue, Green
Warranty 18 Years - 2 Years FULL 20 Years - 2 Years FULL 30 Years - 2 Years FULL 20 Years - 3 Years FULL
Our Rating
UV Blockage ~93% ** ~98% ~93% ** FULL
(except drain panel)
Threads/Inch 39 x 19 37 x 20 58 x 48 -
Weight/SqYd 5.5 5.7 7.8 -
Burst PSI 500 670 760 -
Webbing On Top & Bottom around perimeter
*Reinforced J-Seam in middle
On Top & Bottom around perimeter
*Reinforced J-Seam in middle
On Top & Bottom around perimeter
*Reinforced J-Seam in middle
On Top & Bottom around perimeter
*Reinforced J-Seam in middle
Comments Old style Mesh. Lightweight, Rugged, Durable, Economical 35% Lighter than most Solid Covers, Retard Algae Better More ruggedly built Mesh Fabric. Stronger Straps & Springs 35% Lighter than most Solid Covers, Retard Algae Best
* - The fabric is folded forming a J and interlocks with other fabric, making a Reinforced J-Seam. Single Webbing on Top is sewn over the seams.
** - Manufacturer has never published UV specs. Estimated only. Algae may not be fully retarded without chemicals.

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