Solar Pro XD3 Heater Dome for Above Ground Pools

Low Cost, Easy to Install, More Efficient than previous Models Fits Intex & Sand N Sun Too

Tired of a cold swimming pool?

We are too! This heater was engineered for use with all popular small Easy-Set, Intex or San N Sun pools, the Solar PRO XD3 is the most inexpensive solution for actively heating your pool water. The clear panel absorbs the natural infrared energy of the Sun and transfers heat to the water as it travels through the coiled channels. The dome magnifys the heating process like a greenhouse. Perfect for pools with ? horsepower or smaller filter systems. An inexpensive, environmentally- friendly heating solution.

SolarPro XD3 fits any size above ground pool and more than one heater can be linked in a series to deliver additional solar heat. A bypass kit is now included at no charge to link more than one heater or to manage the flow with higher output pumps. The unit is easily installed and fits either 1-1/4in or 1-1/2in fittings. Put this cost effective solar dynamo to work for your pool this season.

Number of Sunny Days Required to Heat Pool Approx 5 Degrees

1 Heater

2 Heaters

3 Heaters

4 Heaters

6.2 3.1 2.1 1.6
9.8 4.9 3.3 2.5
14.2 7.1 4.7 3.6
20.2 10.1 6.7 5.1
31.5 15.8 10.5 7.9
12.8 6.4 4.3 3.2
23.9 12.0 8.0 6.0

Use of a solar blanket will speed up the heating process by not letting the heat escape into the cool night air.

  • Now Includes FREE bypass kit
  • 60-Feet of hose for maximum solar heat transfer
  • Connects to 1.25-Inch, 1.5-Inch and Intex hoses
  • Small Space Saving Design
  • Easy to install - no electrical or gas connections
  • 2 flexible hoses
  • 2 clamps
  • Protective Cover
  • Dimensions: 23inL x 23inW x 10inH (filled)
  • Folds up easily for quick winter storage
  • 90 day warranty
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