Summer Cover Swimming Pool Leaf Nets

Summer Cover Swimming Pool Leaf Nets

Discontinued and Is No Longer Available

The Summer Cover is the First Ever Daily Use Leaf Net / Debris Cover for Above Ground Pools. It is made from a super strong, lightweight, stretchable polymer web netting we call Magic Mesh. The Summer Cover allows sunlight, air, and water to pass through while keeping debris and leaves out. As cover dries it raises above the waters surface, creating a trampoline effect. This keeps the debris dry, preventing it from disintegrating and leaking into the water.

This pool cover is washable, U.V. and mildew resistant. Summer Cover allows for complete circulation and filtration of the pool water while in use. It saves wear and tear on your filtration system by keeping large objects out of the filter basket, and significantly reduces the amount of time you need to vacuum the pool and backwash the filter. Traditional above-ground metal type pool copings/railings Style A clips. Newer tubular frame pools or thick resin copings/railings use Style B clips.

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Summer Cover is not a safety device

Choices of Clip Style

Style A

Style B

Summer Cover can be put on and taken off as often as you like because it is so lightweight, and so easy to install and remove and it weighs less than 5 lbs.Summer Covers are 3' larger than your pool for a good fit. Wet or dry, you can store your Summer Cover in the mesh bag provided. Putting the Summer Cover on your pool is as easy as hanging clothes on a clothesline! It installs in less than 5 minutes and is removable in under 2 minutes.

If you are in a high wind area, doubling up on the clips is recommended.

Please check out the videos below to see Installation and Removal in real time. Summer Cover is proudly MADE IN THE USA!


Click Here for Installation Video

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