Metal Diamond Unibead Above Ground Liner

Metal Diamond Unibead Above Ground Liner

Above Ground Pool Liner

Our premium liners are made using a unique process for maximum protection from pool chemicals and the sunís damaging U.V. rays.  Our liners will last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years.

J-Bead Liners or Uni-Beaded liners can be hung on the pool wall like an overlap liner or can be inserted to a bead receiver track like beaded liners.    This liner is perfect as a replacement for either beaded and overlap liners. This liner must be purchased specifically for either 48" or 52" wall height.


  • Constructed of full 25-Gauge (Mil) virgin vinyl
  • Strong, double-welded seams
  • Backed by a 25-Year Warranty  
  • Will fit a 48" or 52Ē sidewall.

J-Hook J-Bead Uni-Bead Liner Diagram

This is a discontinued liner pattern, and no longer available in any size.

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