4ft x 4ft Air Pillows for Winter Pool Covers

Winter Pool Cover Accessories

4ft x 4ft Air Pillow for Winter Pool Covers. An Air Pillow is used in conjunction with a Winter Pool Cover to decrease the chance of freezing water damaging your pool. Place the Air Pillow underneath your winter cover and the pillow helps absorb the force caused by freezing water instead of that pressure being exerted on the liner and pool walls. Our Air Pillows are made of rugged 16 gauge vinyl and will also help reduce the amount of rain, snow and debris that might collect on top of your pool cover. Using an air pillow also aids in draining excess water off of the top of your cover by decreasing the amount of area the water can rest upon. Air pillows are available in 3 sizes; 4 x 4, 4 x 8 and 4 x 15 for larger pools.

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4ft x 4ft Air Pillows for Winter Pool Covers - ID#:BWP-NW150
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