Borderlines Adhesive Tile Borders

Make your Above Ground or In Ground Swimming Pool Look Like New

Borderlines easily transforms the appearance of any pool (above or inground) within minutes. Use to cover an old faded liner or maybe it is just time for a New Look. Border Lines instantly transforms without costly installation. Borderlines are intended for use on clean, dry vinyl, acrylic, fiberglass or stainless steel surfaces. Borderlines are NOT warrantied for use on Gunite or other plaster pool finishes.




Application and future removal couldn't be easier! Simply peel off the Border Line backing and adhere along the inner perimeter of any pool. Simply peel off when you'd like to add a new design!


The tiles are UV stabilized and chemical resistant. Each Border Lines kit contains 10 linear feet of decorative water resistant borders. There are 5 tiles sized in either 6" x 24" or 9" x 24" depending on style selected. Colors may vary.


Borderline Styles/ Patterns

Meadow Blue 6in tall

Playful Dolphins 6in tall

Monaco 6in shade

Blue Diamond 9in tall

Mardi Gras 9in tall


How many Kits will I need for
these Common Pool Sizes

Pool Size Number of Kits Required
12' Round 4
15' Round 5
18' Round 6
21' Round 7
24' Round 8
27' Round 9
12' x 24' Oval 7
15' x 30' Oval 8
16' x 26' Oval 8
16' x 32' Oval 10
18' x 33' Oval 10
16' x 32' Rectangle 10
18' x 36' Rectangle 11
20' x 40' Rectangle 12

Pro Tip: You may want to get one extra kit just in case you mess up one during installation, and for repairs in the future.


The installation kit consists of a plastic squeegee and a tube of seam repair adhesive is included with every order.

Jedco Products has discontinued production of this product in 2015

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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